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  • 18650 battery 25r 3.7v 2500mah
  • 18650 battery 25r 3.7v 2500mah
  • 18650 battery 25r 3.7v 2500mah
18650 battery 25r 3.7v 2500mah 18650 battery 25r 3.7v 2500mah 18650 battery 25r 3.7v 2500mah

18650 battery 25r 3.7v 2500mah

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  • weight:50.00g
  • 18650 battery 25r 3.7v 2500mah
  • 18650 battery bulk
  • Description: 18650 battery 25r 3.7v 2500mah

Size 18*65mm
Rated Voltage 3.7V
Rated Capacity 2500mAh
Net Weight 48g
Cut-off Discharge Voltage 2.75V 
Charge Upper Limit Voltage 4.20±0.05V
Discharging Current 20A
Cycle Life >500s
Standard charger cc/cv(max ,charging rate 2A)
Warranty 1 years
Operating  Temperature charge (0 ~ 45°C)
discharge  (-20 ~ 60°C)
Storage Temperature within 1 month  (-20~ 50°C)
within 3 months  (-20~ 40°C)

within 3 months (-20~ 20°C)

Description  High Quality Best Li-ion Rechargeable 18650 Batteris
Size 18*65mm 
Net Weight 45.5g
Rated Voltage 3.7v
Rated Capacity 2500mAh
Charge Voltage


Charging Time(std.)


Max Continuous Discharge Current  20A
Cycle Life >500 times
Warranty 12 Months
Operating Environment

Charging, 0 ~ 45°C

Discharging, -20 ~ 60°C

Storage Environment

1 month  (-20~ 60°C)

3 month  (-20~ 45°C)

12 month  (-20~ 25°C)


5-7 days.
MOQ Depends on Battery Model

Power Tools, Flashlight, Vape, etc

Company Website
Manufacturer Shenzhen LOZD Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen LOZD Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. specialized in lithium ion batteries manufacturing and trading ran by a team with decade years of experience. We strive to maintain the most quality guaranteed batteries with reasonal price and customer-oriented service.
Our factory, based in battery industry cluster district Shenzhen China. We provide full series of battery products and considerate battery solution since 2002. As a ISO, CE and UL IEC62133, ROHS certified company, we have been getting more and more customers' trust and recognition from all over the world.
Our Main products including but not limited to: 18650 battery, flashlight battery, chargers, battery storage case, battery packs which widely used in popular electronic products, such as Flashlight,Headlights,Electric bicycle,golf car,electric wheelchair,power tools,scooter, UPS,Solar&Wind energy storage system,EV,etc.

Shenzhen LOZD Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in lithium ion batteries manufacturing and trading. We have provided full series of battery products and considerate battery solution to customersall over the world since 2002. We supply a wide range of batteries at incredible wholesale price!

If you are looking for a reliable 18650 batteries provider, you are in the right place. Our goal is to make retailers’ business easy so we offer extremely competitive prices and impressive volume discount which are sure to increase your profits.

We do more than 18650 batteries. We also supply battery charger, battery pack, iwalkies and many other battery accessories.

Q1 What's the main product in LOZD?

Rechargeable battery, Li-ion battery, battery pack, battery cahrger and Iwalkie.

Q2 What is overcharge?

After charge, tested the batteries initial state and capacity. Charge to 10.0V at 3C current, then charge to 0.01C at CV mode. Observe changes in battery appearance.

Q3 What is over discharge?

After charge, test the batteries' initial state. When the batteries are normal, discharge to 0V at 0.5C. Observe changes in battery appearance

Q4 Can I have a sample order?

Yes, we accept sample order to test and check quality. Batteries can be made as require.

Q5 Do you have MOQ limit?

Yes, we have MOQ limit for mass production, but it depends on battery model. Please contact us for details.

Q6 How about the lead time?

Samples will takes 5-7 business days. Mass production will takes 25-30 days. It depends on quantity.

Q7 How about shipping and delivery time?

Generally, battery will be shipped via Express, such as DHL, TNT, FedEx and UPS, delivery time is 3-5 business days. Or DDP service, delivery time is 11-15 business days. Airline and sea shipping also available.

Q8 What about after-sale service?

We will offer you 1 year guarantee. If there are any problems, please inform us, we will offer you positive solutions.

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